Normalize Compassion is a team of individuals and businesses who are working together to raise $30K for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society through their annual fundraising cycling series, Bike MS.

Team Normalize Compassion is the first team to represent the downtown area of Winston-Salem as a community and recognize the need for more awareness of the disease.

Molly’s story can be found here on her personal fundraising page.

About The Team Members


Team Captain, Molly Grace, has been living with Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis for 11 years. Last year, after participating in the Tour to Tanglewood, she decided to start her own team. Her vision was to gather a motley crew team of amateur riders of all different levels who could grow together as cyclists and compassionate community members. Incorporating small businesses helps not only to reach her fundraising goal of $30,000, but also raises visibility and presence of the cause itself.

As of now, Team Normalize Compassion is comprised of nearly 30 riders and volunteers who have been using their spring and summer months to raise money on their own, as well as plan fundraisers together to reach their goal. While some team members had personal connections to the disease, many more didn't before joining. Some are regular cyclists and some hadn't spent much time on a bike before now. The group has been working with partnering businesses to create fundraisers, as well as joining their various resources and skills to promote the cause.

Molly Grace and the Ride to New York

While the Tour to Tanglewood takes place in September, the team will be raising money throughout the Fall. In October, Grace plans to ride her bike from North Carolina to New York City, a 600-mile trek, in one last fundraising push. This ride will be self-supported, meaning no support vehicle will be joining her, and the funding for the journey comes from Grace alone. All funds raised in the effort will go toward the team’s fundraising total.